Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Ending..

            This week was an exciting week filled with many tasks. Today we were able to play our classmates games and offer them feedback. It was a good way for us to learn about the different games that were created. This week our game did have some glitches while our classmates were playing it. The first problem we had with our game was that the game was taking to long to end. The other issue we had was that a lot of our special cards were pretty confusing. Some solutions that our peers helped us come up with the game taking to long to end were to lower the amount of points from 40 to 15 to win. Another solution was to end the game as soon as a player puts down 10 cards. The winner would be determined by the player that has the most amount of points. After we talked about those problems, we reworded our special cards so that there was no confusion when the players read them.

           One thing that the players really liked and enjoyed was the way that the cards was designed. They really liked reading all the different sayings. It brought back a part of childhood that was forgotten. Then, as a group, we decided to meet up twice for the upcoming week. First, we decided to meet up to get our cards laminated and to put the finishing touches on our deck. Then second, we said that we will meet up again and play our game for the last time to make sure that it runs smoothly. Watching our game week by week come together was very exciting and now I can't believe that it's finally done.

-Ruchi Shah

Monday, October 8, 2012

This week we tested our game by playing it within our group. It worked pretty well overall except for a few minor things. We played with 40 cards which consisted of 7 special cards, about 17 positive cards and about 15 negative cards. The biggest problem we had was that the designs of our cards did not match. We all used different fonts and shape sizes. So by the end of the class we all decided on a font size, shape size, colors, and writing style. In order to make the game more interesting we also decided to add a few more special cards to the game. We were thinking of having 14 special cards but now we are going to make  20 special cards. 

We decided to put the shapes on the bottom left side of the cards. The shapes we decided for the negative and positive cards are circle, triangle, and square, and the special cards are going to  have a star shape.The positive and negative card shapes are going to be either red, green, or purple but all the special card shapes will be orange.Hopefully by next week we will have our previous cards fixed according to the styles we decided and be able to play a game with a full deck consisting of about 80 cards.
-Ayesha Chaudary

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Card Game Proposal

     During the class, we discussed about different mechanisms that a card game should have to make it more interesting and fair. We played a card game named Camelot Legends, which consists of three different sets of cards: 3 place cards, character cards, and mission cards that allows you to earn victory points when you get enough value points that are written on different mission cards. On mission cards, they give special power once you get it.  For our group, we put 3 place cards spread out on the table, and started to pick character cards from the deck for every round, and each person got to put their character cards on one of the three different places for each round and tried to reach the points that are written on mission cards in order to get more victory points. Person who won this game used a strategy of putting all character cards on one place and eventually earned all the mission cards that were placed on that specific place.

     During the group discussion, we continued to figure out the right number of positive and negative cards to make the game more interesting. Also, in order to make the game more fair, we tried to come up with different ideas of special cards which has diverse activities that can overturn the game at any point. Each person came up with at least 2 different ideas, and we added stories for each special cards to follow the concept of the game. Furthermore, we assigned each person's job for the special cards, and we set up another day to meet up to make sure everyone has the same size and colors for the card design.

-Hyungwoo Cho

Saturday, September 22, 2012

       During the class, we get to learn the core of the game plan. the core of the game plan is core mechanic which includes structure, features, and skills. To figure out and understand this theme, the class got a chance to play San Juan. the core mechanics of this game is building a city using distinctive cards designed by the planner. each one started with 5 cards, and as each player taking turn, he/she get to choose one special ability card to initiate certain specific action. the whole purpose of the game is to build specific building with outstanding plot to successfully to score the highest game point at the end of the game.
      Our group-designed game is called Battle of Safety. the main background of the game is based on various famous stories and movies. the main goal of this game is to reach a specific game point using card in hand. Also, there are chances for each player to attack one another using a special card that will decrease certain amount of point on the opponent. During in-class discussion, we went to find out a goal game point that will balance and make the game more engaging. we end of planning 60 positive cards and 48 negative cards with the goal game point of between 45 and 50. we had, for positive number cards, 2,3,4,5,10 value cards; for the negative number, we had 2,3, and 5. our concern was that there is a large number of cards involved. although the game is set for 2 to 6 players, the amount of the deck is too large that the game play will not be balanced when only 2 to 3 players were to play.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Card Game Proposal


       My name is Ruchi Shah and I was the team leader of my group for this past week. This week we talked about all the different criterion that our card game should and shouldn't game. As a class we also played Citadels and discussed the theme and mechanics of the game. This gave us a better sense of direction of the different types of card games that are out there. This week my team and I shared our very interesting and different potential card game proposals. We narrowed it down to two games and based on some of the criteria we discussed in class, we chose Ayesha's game called "Battle to Safety" as our game to make. The goal and parameter of "Battle to Safety" is to reach the safety zone first by reaching a score of 30 points by matching colors and shapes.
       The game is designed for 2-4 players and is based on many different stories and movies such as Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Lion King and Ice Age. During the whole game you have to draw cards. Some cards have negative numbers and some have  positive numbers. The main problem we had in our group was that we couldn't decide how many positive and negative numbers to have in the deck. We need to decide on a certain number of each card because when the players draw cards, the points eventually need to add up to 30. Another problem we had was that Ayesha's proposal originally stated that the points should add up to 60 to win. But after thinking about it and realizing how long it would take for a player to reach 60, we decided as a group to change it to 30 points. So far this is all  that we have discussed in our group and hopefully by next week we can come up with some great solutions.

-Ruchi Shah